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Equestrian Themed Pastel Wedding

I love the softness and beauty of this Equestrian Themed Pastel Wedding.  The use of trophies and ribbons adds is a great way to add personalization and uniqueness to the wedding.  I love the beauty and softness of the wedding cake as well, with the light pink ribbon and white pearls accenting the different tiers of the cake; topped with beautiful pink flowers and monogrammed with in an equestrian styled wreath.  I also really love the half window paned photograph of the couple, I normally have only seen it with photos in each little pane; however I really love the the whole half pane photo.  I may have to do that one myself!

Words from the Bride: “Not only did the facility offer the equestrian theme the only date available was the same date of our first date and the day Tink asked me to marry him – April 5th, but the facility was available for the whole weekend and both families stayed for a wonderful relaxed wedding weekend. The venue allowed for us to have the rehearsal dinner, breakfast for the wedding party, ceremony and reception as well as the wedding party staying on site. Amanda the coordinator at Ashley Inn along with staff did everything to make the weekend perfect. “


Madeline Themed 8th Birthday

Madeline was one of my favorite stories growing up, and I hope my daughter will one day enjoy the story of Madeline as well.  For now we get to enjoy this awesome Madeline Themed 8th Birthday party! I absolutely love how all the girls got dressed up like the characters in Madeline and went for a stroll with a nun.

Words from Lydia about this cute party: “Having always loved Madeline and having saved the books with hopes of one day reading them to my own daughter, I was thrilled to plan this party for my daughter, Camille.”


Rustic Bright Ranch Wedding

Rustic Bright Ranch Wedding has such a great combination of colors and the beautiful vintage feel of the wild west all rolled into one.  Usually when I think of the wild west; I picture cattle, cowboys, dirt, gunslinging and outlaws.  However, Rustic Bright Ranch Wedding changes that traditional idea into a colorful happy event.  I love how the cattle head was decorated with flowers and paint, I never thought that I would ever see a pretty cattle skull.  I also love the bright colors of pink and blue that really accents the rustic elements beautifully.

Here’s a little bit about the venue: “Family owned and operated, Star Ranch has preserved the Wild West to provide you with the experience of what life was like in the Old West years ago.”


Seven Dwarves Inspired Birthday Party

I always see Snow White birthday parties, but I’ve never seen a Seven Dwarves Inspired Birthday Party.  Of course you can’t forget about the supporting characters, after all they are just as memorable as Snow White.  I love how this Seven Dwarves Inspired Birthday Party has a miner’s theme to it in honor of the dwarves but still some aspect of Snow White.

Words from Qeryldine about the party: “This 7 Dwarfs party was in celebration of my daughter’s 5th birthday. While I typically don’t encourage a character as a theme, my daughter covets her seven stuffed dwarf dolls, and loves to wear her Snow White gown. So, I opted for the “B-list” characters and went for a character party with character and charm.”


South Africa Vintage Wedding

If I could pick an exotic location for a dreamy destination wedding, the Simondium Country Lodge would be one of my top picks!  I love the soft color palette used in the reception decor and deserts; you can’t go wrong when everything else is white.  I also love the garden reception table decor, it’s simple with the flowers overstuffed in a white antique bird cage and small vases adorned with small or single flowers.   The bride’s dress, is also perfect for this ceremony it’s soft, light, and beaded perfect for a vintage garden ceremony.  Hopefully there aren’t any lions lurking about in this part of Africa to ruin such a beautiful ceremony.  If it were me, I would go for a safari ride after my wedding ceremony to top off a perfect day!

But enough about what I would do, let’s look at some photos of this beautiful wedding!


Peter Rabbit Inspired Baby Shower

Peter Rabbit Inspired Baby Shower is such a sweet and lovely take on a timeless classic children’s story.  I love how it’s not just one singular version of Peter Rabbit that’s shown either, but multiple different looking bunnies; it adds great texture and design to the shower.

Words from Natalie about the shower: “An elegant baby shower with draped tent and crystal chandelier, complemented with vintage children’s books and stuffed toy rabbits. The navy and gray linens created a sophisticated feel perfect for the adult guests but also celebrating the coming baby boy.”


Rustic French Inspired Wedding

Rustic French Inspired Wedding has a great mixture of everything French.  I love the wreaths on the table that the plates are placed into the center of.  I love the floral bouquet, with the multiple colors and greenery.

Words from the designer: “We were initially inspired by the desire to capture that sentiment in an intimate wedding and celebration of life, travel, food, and memories together through a “Taste of France.” When we discovered the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve, we immediately saw the vision of a French-inspired shoot take shape. Martha McIntosh Creative Consulting brought the palette to life through gorgeous florals that rivaled the beauty of any field in France and floral chargers made of olive branches and sprigs of fresh lavender. We wanted to incorporate the flavors of France into each place setting, so the olive branches, lavender, and fig name cards showcase those details perfectly.”


Vintage Owl Baby Shower

I love this Vintage Owl Baby Shower! Owls are one of my absolute favorite animals, owls work great in every theme; the Vintage Owl Baby Shower is no exception.  I love the floral and greenery designs, they not only enhance the owl theme, but the vintage theme making it more natural.

Words from Paige about the party: “A longtime girlfriend of mine, who is the epitome of all things girly, was expecting her own sweet little girl and I knew her shower had to be just perfect and prissy. I decided to mimic the nursery, which was centered around owls and the colors pink and green. She was so thrilled with the outcome – and with the addition of some of my darling owl finds to add to her nursery!”


Surprise Beach Engagement & Elopement

What a beautiful Surprise Beach Engagement & Elopement photo shoot.  It gives great inspiration to those of us that live no where near a beach to imagine having a beach wedding, no matter how small it is.  Also, how romantic would it be for a guy to already have everything in motion for your own private wedding, unless of course he isn’t the one for you then it just becomes awkward.

Words from the designer: “We had been dreaming about a beach elopement shoot not only because our winter was rough this past year but because we wanted to show everyone that you can have a pretty beach themed wedding in Minnesota! We were inspired by a day at the beach, proposal, and elopement that the Groom-to-be already had planned ahead of time!”


Pink Elephant Vintage Birthday Party

Pink Elephant Vintage Birthday Party is such an adorable birthday party!! I love the different elephant designs, such as the framed elephant picture; I also love how it’s not just an elephant, but the elephant has a baby as well.  This party could be easily transformed into a baby shower.

Words from Lyndsey: “I’m excited to share these photos of a recent party design. I was asked by a client to take one of our baby shower packages and turn it into a birthday party that was shabby chic and vintage. There was only one stipulation, it had to be PINK!”


Pink New Orleans Style Wedding

Here’s is another wedding beautifully done at the Race & Religious wedding venue.  I can’t get enough of the venue, and all the beauty that it adds to every wedding. Pink New Orleans Style Wedding is absolutely beautiful from the bride’s beautiful dress to the floral/burlap favor bags. The wedding cake is equally as beautiful, I love the lace and buttons on the cake, kind of like a wedding dress.  Also the seafood bake looks amazing, I want to head out to the beach right this second and get one.

Words from the Bride: “We decided on beautiful, soft, shades of blush, pink, gold, and cream; lace, tulle, and pearls. I was going for a romantic, vintage aesthetic and our venue was more than perfect for the look and feel we wanted. Race & Religious provided the most stunning backdrops, courtyards, exposed brick, a wooden bridge, stone fireplaces, and artwork on every wall of the interiors.”


Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday

I love the whimsical and adult feel of this Alice in Wonderland 30th Birthday party.  As you all know, I love anything Alice in Wonderland, and well this party gives me hope in having a Wonderland birthday party in my future! I love the rustic and handmade feel this party has.

Words from Alice the party planner: “We decided to blend in fun, whimsical, and sophisticated elements together to create a party that not only appealed to kids, but also ‘big kids’ alike. Instead of a vivid colorful ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party, we opted for a rustic theme with a color palette of white, silver, beige, and purple with some ‘old school’ ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ flair added to every party decor.”


Vintage Milk Glass Pink Wedding

Vintage Milk Glass Pink Wedding is uniquely done with the focal point on milk glass.  I love how the cake is textured as if it were made from milk glass to match the decor, with pink and white flowers adorning it.  I also love how the milk glass goes beautifully with the burlap/pink and lace table covers.

Words from the photographer: “Joe and Ashley tied the knot in May at Willow Oaks Plantation in Eden, North Carolina. Ashley is a girl after my own heart and absolutely loves milk glass. We planned the entire design concept around Ashley’s impressive milk glass collection, her love of the color pink, and fun Southern touches.”


Little Lamb First Birthday

How adorable is this Little Lamb First Birthday?! I love how the colors are neutral, it makes it easy to be able to turn this theme into a gender neutral party, especially with double birthdays or a baby shower.  I just love how everything looks so sweet and soft, things that I think about when I see lambs.

Words from Carrie about the party: “My daughter Sadie recently turned one and, of course, we wanted to do something special to celebrate her first birthday.  She absolutely loves everything soft, furry and fluffy.  So I decided to embrace this and build a theme around her very favorite stuffed animal.  Her little lamb.  Together with good friends, we celebrated this special day with a modern update of Mary Had a Little Lamb. . . Sadie Had a Little Lamb!”


Colorful Moroccan Inspired Wedding

Wow, what a breath taking inspiration shoot; Colorful Moroccan Inspired Wedding is full of life and perfect for a wedding!  I love the romantic exotic vibe this inspiration gives to this wedding shoot.  The wedding cake is absolutely stunning with the pink, purple, green, and gold colors; topped off with a beautiful design.  The wedding gown is also stunning all by itself, the dress is simple and flowing; finished off at the top with a stunning crystal bolero.

Words from the designer: “This shoot emphasized my love for intimate, romantic weddings with an exotic twist, featuring some ornate Moroccan cultural details. Moroccan poufs, used at the reception table in the shoot, are low to the ground and create a very intimate feel to your wedding. The jewel tones used throughout the shoot is reminiscent of the lively colors and celebration more modern Moroccan weddings, and create a vivacious pop of color against the neutral beach tones in the shoot. “


Tres Shabby Chic Baby Shower

I love this beautiful and feminine Tres Shabby Chic Baby Shower.  I absolutely love the Mommy to be cookies, they are so wonderfully designed.  I also really love the mini tree centerpiece with the hanging crystals.  All three cakes are beautifully decorated, I would have to say my favorite is the white cake with the pink and blue flowers on the side, with a larger ivory flower on the top.

Words from Andrea about the shower: “The shower was a Tres Shabby Chic Brunch with about 19 family and friends hosted by my best friend of 20 years, Lisa.  I enjoyed preparing for the brunch and setting up with the help of Lisa, my other best friends and my sisters.” 


Beautiful Fall Inspired Wedding

Now here’s a wedding to make you miss the cooler weather of fall as we reach the middle of the summer.  Beautiful Fall Inspired Wedding has just about everything you think of when you envision some of your favorite fall things, such as pumpkins, leaves, and the dark beautiful colors.  I love the centerpieces with the black lanterns filled with apples.

Words from Antonia about the wedding: “Christina and Jason were a great couple looking for a wedding that was not only memorable but also a good time for their guests! Christina came to us with a very distinct vision for a fun fall wedding, and we really ran with that idea.”


Colorful 40th Birthday Party

40th birthdays don’t have to be dark and drab, they can be like this Colorful 40th Birthday Party.  I love all the beautiful colors that really make this 40th birthday party pop!  The favors are awesome, with the little fireballs and the “40 and Still Hot” give the party a spicy vibe!

Words from Amy about the party: “I wanted to celebrate turning 40 with my girlfriends. It’s not very often that we can get together, so I wanted it to be a special night for them with a beautiful table and gifts for everyone! We enjoyed dinner, drinks and dessert in my backyard, then watched the movie “Bridesmaids” outside with my projector after it got dark. It was a blast!”


Modern Citrus Wedding

Who would have thought that bright citrus colors could look so good in a wedding, but this Modern Citrus Wedding shows it does! I love the lime centerpieces they have a great modern abstract look that I can’t get enough of!  I also love the the tree with green lanterns and citrus fruits and paper umbrellas.

Words from Charm Event Design: “We just couldn’t wait to share these beautiful images from our recent Citrus Splash inspired wedding, as captured by Laurel Isle Photography. We had the great pleasure of styling & coordinating the wedding of a fun loving couple Ray & Sara. We met them over a year ago and must say, we truly enjoyed all of the fun moments of getting to know them throughout the planning process.”


Shabby Chic Country Birthday Party

I love this beautiful Shabby Chic Country Birthday Party, it’s a great mix of girly and country charm.   I love the fabric flowers, they are such a great touch! I also love the waffle and strawberry flowers.  This party is perfect for a birthday party, or a bridal shower, or perhaps even a baby shower!

Words from the planner Kori: “The inspiration from this party comes directly from my daughter! After changing her mind about her birthday party several times, she came up with a “Pink Flower Party” {aka garden party}. Since she adores anything pink and anything “nature” oriented, this made perfect sense. Thinking of how to make it fun, we thought of using all DIY pink flowers and started scouting for tutorials on making everything from fabric, to cupcake liner, to crepe paper flowers and made them together!”


Radiant Southern Charm Wedding

Radiant Southern Charm Wedding is everything you envision when you see the title, awesome Southern feel that has a warm and radiant feel to it.  I absolutely love the colors in the flower bouquets and in the centerpiece flowers; they are so beautifully vibrant.  I’m a Northern girl, born and raised up in the Northeast; but I lived in Ga for a few years and fell head over heels with the South, making this Radiant Southern Charm Wedding one of my personal favorites because it reminds me of everything the South represents.

Words from the wedding planner Heather: “When we sat down and talked about the look of this wedding, the bride Kelley and her mom, Ludie, said they wanted it to feel as if you were invited into an old southern mansion. This was the theme throughout the wedding infusing so many personal touches as if each piece was taken out of someones home.”


Girly Glam Pool Party

Girly Glam Pool Party brings together two fun elements, pool time and spa glam time.  I love the mini tote bags as favor bags that the party guests can fill up with goodies and reuse for the rest of the summer!  The perfume shaped cookies are absolutely the cutest cookies I’ve seen in a while!

Words from the party designer: “For my daughter Felicity’s 7th birthday, we decided to do a retro glam pool party! Karrie and I decided on a color palette of navy, hot pink and shimmery coral. We styled the invitations to be full of fun typography and pulled in several patterns to make the paper products pop. We also used lots of “bling” on the stationery- tons of crystals to add sparkle.”


Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding

What an awesome Game of Thrones Inspired Wedding! Game of Thrones is one of my favorite book/tv series, and this design does a great job of bringing the story to a beautiful and memorable event.  I love the table setting design, with the gold, green, and red; with the burlap table runner.

Words from the designer Shanda: “Winter is Coming!! This Game of Thrones inspired wedding shoot was such a fun challenge! The goal was to design a cost conscious wedding while incorporating key elements and symbols from the popular TV show.”


Curious George Themed Birthday Party

Curious George was one of my absolute favorite stories to hear when I was a little girl growing up, and this Curious George Themed Birthday Party couldn’t be any cooler! I love the red and yellow color palette, classic Curious George colors.  The cookies are so darn cute with George’s head and monogram number 2’s.

Words from Elizabeth about the party: “When I started planning my daughter Sophia’s second birthday party, I began with a cheerful color palette of red and yellow. For toddler parties, I think it’s more personal to incorporate a character that makes the birthday boy/girl smile. We decided on the classic illustration of Curious George because our daughter loves watching the show and often carries around her own stuffed monkey.”


Colorful Vintage English Wedding

There are such beautiful colors and designs in this Colorful Vintage English Wedding! I love how all the colors pop perfectly together, and not overlapping each other.  I also love the the bouquets that are placed in vintage colored glassware.

Details about the design from Heather: “It all started with a bouquet. I saw this amazing bouquet in all warm and bright shades of pinks and oranges tied off with a vibrant teal ribbon. I’d always wanted to do a wedding inspired by it, so when Susan, of Peony & Plum approached me, I showed her the bouquet and our brains started to churn with ideas.”


Woodland Chic Owl Baby Shower

Oh my gosh, I love owls, and this Woodland Chic Owl Baby Shower is my favorite of this week’s events!  I love the diaper cake topped with the oversized owl pillow/stuffed animal I wish I had one in my room (the owl not the diaper cake)! I also love the use of Grapewood branches that bring such a great woodland feel to the tables, also they are beautiful on their own so not much more decor is needed when using them.

Here’s what Amanda had to say about the shower: “The entire baby shower was driven by Marci’s desire to have a woodland themed nursery for baby, incorporating a hand painted tree mural with dainty birds, colorful owls and squirrels. The invitation sent to guests was a smaller version of the mural and theme.”


Enchanted Romantic Estate Wedding

Enchanted Romantic Estate Wedding is so breathtakingly beautiful, with the pinks and purples used throughout the wedding decor.  I love the enchanted feel to the reception hall with the just the string lights hanging from the plants and walls.

Here’s what the stylist had to say about the wedding: “Emma is from Northern Ireland and Andy is from England. They met as stage actors performing in Andrew Lloyd’s Webber’s “Starlight Express” in Germany, where they now live. Emma was definitely a bride who knew what she wanted and I loved all of her fun and creative ideas! She wanted an enchanted forest full of deep berry, fig, pomegranate, and lilac tones with gold accents. She incorporated many of her personal family heirlooms in the decor as well such as vintage furniture and other pieces owned by her family and passed through generations.”


Whimsical Zebra Garden Party

Adorable and glamorous come to mind when I look at the photos from this birthday girl’s party! Whimsical Zebra Garden Party has a great balance of whimsical glam and a fresh bright garden.  I love the brightness of the colors chosen for this color palette, anything else would be to dull for this party.  The adorable hanging butterflies are just the perfect touch to this party, along with the neon green zebra striped flower pot!

Words from ALM about this fun party: “The inspiration for this party came from a fabric remnant found at Hobby Lobby. Emily loved the bright green color and it was enough to make a tablecloth for a small table in her daughter’s room. The hydrangeas were in full bloom at Emily’s house and we were dying to use them as a backdrop. I came up with the Zinnia aspect, and the Zebra and Zinnias collection/party was born!”


Vintage Rustic Wedding Inspiration

I love when rustic and vintage come together, it makes me think of old America and when time moved a little bit slower.  This Vintage Rustic Wedding Inspiration, is one that seems time stood still in this design concept.  I love the botanical paper goods, they add such beauty with their vintage appeal.

Words from the designer: “For the shoot, we headed to Handsome Hollow – a stunning venue set on 90+ acres of pristine wilderness. With the breathtaking setting, we let the outdoor surroundings of the venue inspire our design – nature was the guide. For the design, we stayed neutral and modern, with earthy elements and touches of vintage mixed in throughout. Pops of rich color were added through hand-illustrated paper details and bright florals. Contrasting shades of peaches and yellows were placed alongside rich reds and deep purples, which were arranged together alongside lush greenery.”


Modern Vintage Bridal Shower

What a beautifully designed bridal shower!! Modern Vintage Bridal Shower is full of modern colors and with the perfect balance of vintage elegance. I love the shades of pink, gray, gold, and white they all go together stunningly.  I also love the drink bar, or should I say drink dresser, it’s very vintage and beautifully decorated on top, but the designer also used the drawers as part of the bar which you don’t see too often.  The food looks amazing, I love how they decorated with diamonds and crystals; especially the mini pancakes topped with raspberries and the diamond rings adorning them.

Words from Jessica about the shower: “Wedding season is upon us and that means lots of bridal showers. My dear friend, Laura is getting married in August and her twin sister, Lindsey was in charge of throwing her a beautiful bridal shower. She started planning months prior, which is a good thing because we had a lot of work to do! I was lucky enough to help out with the designing and styling.


Elegant Industrial Puppy Wedding

This wedding has gone to the dogs, literally not figuratively; this wedding is absolutely beautifully designed.  Obviously this wedding was designed with dogs in mind, but the elements are beautiful and can work beautifully in an actual wedding design.  I love the handmade place card holders with the puppy portraits, with an actual wedding I’m sure you can skip out on the personal portraits for a larger setting and replace it with an equally as great design. The wedding cake looks absolutely stunning, even though I’m pretty sure I would not eat that cake in particular, but the design is awesome!

Words from photographer Danni: “My husband, Wilfredo, and I are both Philadelphia-based photographers and videographers (he’s my regular second shooter or, if a couple books us for both photo and video, he’s the primary videographer). Since we’re relatively new to the area, we thought it would be fun to collaborate with local vendors on a styled shoot – our first one ever. One night (over wine), I joked that we should use our dogs, Hudson and Chelsea (rescue pups from Little Paws Dachshund Rescue), as the models for our shoot. We laughed it off, but I knew we were on to something.” 


Neverland Inspired Birthday Party

I love Peter Pan/Neverland themed parties, there’s so many different aspects that a party can be themed after.  There’s the classic Peter Pan, with Wendy, Michael, and George, there’s the lost boys, Captain Hook and his crew, Tiger Lily and her people, Tinker Bell and the fairies, or an awesome mixture of all of them!  My absolute favorite part of this party, are the quotes from Peter Pan framed and placed throughout the party.

Words from Lynlee about the party: “My daughter, Anabelle, was turning four this year and when we were deciding on a theme for the celebration, we wanted to find one that appealed to her and also would work for a co-ed party since many of her friends and their siblings are boys! Thus, we finally settled on a Neverland premise, which would appeal to all the guests – male or female… young or old!”


Bohemian Backyard Indiana Wedding

I love the simplicity and beauty of this Bohemian Backyard Indiana Wedding.  This wedding has a lot of natural beauty and the designer has captured it perfectly.  I love the colorful bouquets and table florals, they add great color to the decor.

Words from the photographer: “Do you know that feeling you get when you just know you are in the presence of pure happiness and love? There are no two sweeter, more down-to-earth people than right here. I couldn’t stop smiling. In fact, my cheeks still hurt from all the smiling while editing. No one else has ever had quite that effect on me while editing either. Even tears of happiness ran down my puffy cheeks.”


Sprinkled Love Baby Shower

How adorable is this modern Sprinkled Love Baby Shower?  I love the neutral colors in this baby shower, leaving it able to be used for any gender, a neutral gender, or a gender reveal baby shower/party.  Polka dots are a great decor choice to go with the sprinkles.  I adore the mini sprinkle shaker favors, they are great take homes for guests and can be reused for years to come.

Words from Seanny about the party: “Last Saturday I co-hosted a Sprinkle party for my best friend Kim. This will be Kim’s second baby and after I did some researching to get inspiration for the party, I found out that the second shower is called a Sprinkle…not a full on Shower, just a little Sprinkle to show that we care.  So after I found this out, the ideas came pouring into my head and I told my friend I would handle the dessert table and decor for the party.”


Native American Bohemian Wedding

Native American Bohemian Wedding is such a beautiful setting and design for a wedding or a bridal shower even!  I love the natural arbor at the opening of a bridge with white linen and the hanging geometric shapes.  I also can’t get enough of the use of feathers and succulents, I love the natural feel of it all.

Words from Linda the designer: “The Cedarwood Design Team recognizes that “Bohemian” is much more than simply a style. It is a state of mind. Inspired by the raw beauty of Cedarwood’s Nature Preserve, we decided to indulge our inner bohemians and create something unique and modern with ancient roots.”


Whimsical Ice Cream Party

Ice cream parties are always the best, there are so many ways to decorate and reasons to have one.  This Whimsical Ice Cream Party, is the just right for a young girl’s birthday party or maybe a end of the school year/summer bash.  I absolutely love the oversized ice cream cone, that’s toppled over and melting on top of the cake!

Words from Lisa about the party: “There is something special about ice cream.  Put it together with a mini toppings bar and the result is plain old fashion fun!  I have been wanting to do an ice cream shoppe themed party for awhile so I decided to put together a thank you party for my girlfriends and their kiddos.  My way of saying thanks for all of their support of my business.”


Southern Garden Wedding

What a beautiful Southern Garden Wedding! I love the color use of peach and ivory, with a great representation of a charming Southern wedding.  The location, The Clifton Inn in Charlottesville, VA; is full of Southern beauty and makes for a stunning place to have a wedding, or any other event.  I also love the lacey bridal gown, it’s absolutely stunning,  and flows beautifully; just like the rest of the decor for this wedding design.

Words from the designer: “The beautiful details of The Clifton Inn inspired our color palette of reds, greens, and peaches in our style, color scheme, and décor.”


Pirate Themed 6th Birthday Party

What a fun Pirate Themed 6th Birthday Party! There’s so much pirate jam packed into this party, I don’t know where to begin.  I love how the backdrop of the dessert table is decorated like a ship’s mast, complete with a crows nest and a parrot.

Words from Lea about the party: “This party was created to impress the little Pirata Alex!
We worked very hard with just 5 days to surprise him in all things! We created the background like a pirate sail and used a lot of elements of the theme… In this party we played a lot and did what we most love…customize all things!!!”


Romantic Emporium Wedding

When you put together romance, culture, and a beautiful venue you end up with this Romantic Emporium Wedding.  I love how the designer used the natural beauty of the location to really make the decor stunning and unique.

Words from the Bride Joy: “The first time we visited the Antique Rose Emporium to be greeted by song birds and butterflies amongst the climbing roses, we knew it was the place we were going to say “I do”. This romantic, organic yet intimate setting was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted to take our guests out of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and really have them seep into the beautiful hill country surrounding.”


Vintage Ballerina Birthday Party

Such a stunning way to celebrate a little ballerina’s birthday! Vintage Ballerina Birthday Party is absolutely beautiful, with every detail just as beautiful as the last one.  I love the beautiful detailed cake, I’d be afraid to cut into it!  I also love the little cookies with the tiny bows!  The ballerina dresses are beautiful, and go perfect with the theme of the party, it makes for great party fun as well.

Words from Clair about the party: “This vintage ballet party was created for my nieces fifth birthday. Highlights included the gorgeous dresses and vintage head pieces worn by the children; the fabulous ballerina who entertained the guests; beautiful Victorian setting, and sweet treats and cakes in shades of pink and gold.”


Vintage Bohemian Tea Party Wedding

What a sweet and romantic Vintage Bohemian Tea Party Wedding.  I love the elements of bohemian, vintage, and a tea party all wrapped into one design; it’s brings a warmth and a delicate touch to such an elegant event.  I love the soft colors of the banners and flags with seven different blessing prayers.

Words from the designer: “Perhaps the most significant moment came at the end of the ceremony, when the guests were invited to wave prayer flags with custom blessings. Making them even more special, the prayer flags had been designed by one of Amity’s bridesmen and sewed and assembled by Amity and her parents. As family members read each of the seven prayers, Amity and Jesse took a step forward together under prayer flags that were strung across the aisle by birch poles.”


Pink Chic Butterfly Baby Shower

I love love love this Pink Chic Butterfly Baby Shower! It reminds me of my own baby shower, just in pink; also I’m a little biased and think my baby shower was even better.  I love the fabrics, beads, and butterflies hanging from the chairs.  The cake pops and cupcakes are beautifully decorated with butterflies and flowers!  The baby onesie cookies are so stinkin cute as well!

Words from Liza about the shower: “Mommy-to-be wanted whimsical and romantic with a glamorous and chic flair for her baby shower. With butterflies dangling off of strands of crystals and pearls over the dining table and chiffon chair covers, this shower had a whimsical effect.”


Romantic English Camp Wedding

I love camp weddings, and my fiance and I are leaning towards doing a camp themed wedding ourselves for our wedding. Romantic English Camp Wedding however, is a little bit different than what we are looking to do, but it’s still beautiful none the less. I love how they used an amphitheater as their ceremony site, it’s so inexpensive and a huge part of a camping experience.  The flapjack cake topped with strawberries, look absolutely beautiful and delicious; I would love to have a cake similar to that for my wedding!

Words from the Bride: “We decided on pale colors for the wedding to give a romantic softness to the day, so blush pinks, sage greens, pale blues, and soft greys were integrated into all the elements. I found my Victorian-style gown at a BHLDN sample sale, which really solidified the vision I had for the wedding. After the dress, all the design elements fell into place, from Andrew’s gorgeous chambray suit we found at J. Crew and his Liberty London pocket square, to finding all the flowers I wanted at grocery stores.” 


Little Man Mustache Party

I mustache, how cute is this Little Man Mustache Party? Everyone knows that I am a huge sucker for all things mustaches! If I had a little boy, this would totally be his party every year until he begged me otherwise!  I love the mustache cupcake toppers, and the assorted mustaches to be worn by the party goers.

Words from Amanda about the party: “I had so much fun styling this party for my little guy! I chose the Mustache Bash/Little Man theme because I wanted it to be fun for the kids as well as the adults. As far as details, where do I begin?? I wanted there to be lots of mustaches and I love the turquoise, black and grey color scheme so I started there.”


Vintage Pop Culture Wedding

Vintage Pop Culture Wedding is another unique and fun wedding! First off, I love the Bride’s wedding gown; it’s exactly the dress I think of when I think of a vintage wedding.  The groom and groomsmen’s boutonnières are awesome, with the little lego superheroes!  The best part of this unique wedding, is how the ceremony is set, as if they are center stage in a play; which is exactly how a wedding should be.

Words from the Bride about her dress & wedding day: “I wanted to look like myself. I collect vintage dresses and skirts, and wanted to make sure that, whatever I chose to wear, I’d feel like me. My heart skips a beat when I think about my dress. We named it at the first fitting – “Olga.” A lovely champagne–coloured-frothy-party-on-a-hanger. Yards and yards of crinkly crinoline with pink lace. During my fitting the seamstress was telling me that she would steam all the wrinkles out of the skirt and I was like “Oh no! Don’t steam the wrinkles. Please keep the wrinkles.” She told me at my final fitting that (at first) she thought I was crazy. Bonus: the coordinator not having to worry about wrinkling the fabric when helping me up and down stairs.” 


Bohemian TeePee Craft Party

What a great way to spend time with friends and have an adult girl’s night out! Bohemian TeePee Craft Party is just what I need before my little one arrives, and I’m sure there are plenty of others out there who would love to do just the same thing!  I love how the craft is beaded necklaces, seeing as I love making jewelry.  I also love how laid back and simply the decor is, my favorite part is the purplish teepee in the corner, it’s such a great prop!

Words from Ashley about the party: “Ashley Thunder Events hosts monthly Craft Nights open to the public. Each time we pick a specific craft and then people can sign up to come and make it. We provide all supplies, fun snacks, and drinks! It had been a while since we’d held a jewelry themed craft night, but with so many people requesting one we decided to make bone and seed bead chain chevron necklaces!”


Unique Texas TeePee Wedding

Unique Texas TeePee Wedding is truly one of a kind.  First, who would have thought to have a wedding in the middle of the Texas desert?  I love the teepee idea, it’s a great way to bring culture and history into the wedding/event, it also gives the decor a more of a earthly feel to it.  I also love the reception venue, with the geometric shapes all over as part of the decor.  I also love the geode idea, and having the guests crack them open as favors.  Claims with pearls are also a great idea as a favor for guests, if your wedding is more of a nautical theme.

Words from the Bride: “We decided that Marfa would be where we would get married on our first trip there. Marfa is a special place and everyone that spends time there has a different adventure and that is what we wanted for our guests: an adventure.”


Hobby Horse Neutral Baby Shower

I never thought of using a hobby horse as a theme for a baby shower, or any party for that matter.  However, this Hobby Horse Neutral Baby Shower was done so well that it has made me fall in love with the hobby horse theme.  The hobby horse diaper cake is so stinking cute, with the mini hobby horse accenting it.  The candy bottle favors are also pretty adorable, and can be filled with more than just candy, such as little onesies or a mini pampering kit.  Baby bottles can also be used as a unique way of sending out invitations!  


Garden Glam Wedding

What a beautiful way to have a wedding! Garden Glam Wedding is full of just the right amount of glam that you expect to find in a garden wedding.  The florals are absolutely gorgeous, from the Bride’s own bouquet to the centerpieces on the tables.  I am also in love with that dress, from Rivini; it’s so simple and elegant everything a bridal gown should be finished with a black ribbon.

Words from the Bride about her day: “The Parker provided such an amazing backdrop that we really only wanted to enhance it’s already beautiful features. We choose hot pink as our accent color to match the magnificent bougainvillea that grows in abundance there. The property is so lush that we also used natural greenery wherever possible.”


Parisian Tea 1st Birthday Party

How absolutely adorable is this Parisian Tea 1st Birthday Party!  I love the soft pastel colors used for this party, pastels work great for tea parties and any other party in the spring!  The framed poster of the different macaroon flavors fits nicely into the decor, and makes for a great backdrop; considering there are macaroons at this Parisian Tea 1st Birthday Party.

Words from Elizabeth about the party: “My daughter’s 1st birthday party was a Ladurée Parisian tea. Much of her nursery décor is from Paris, and Ladurée inspired, so the party just happened to be a continuation of my obsession with my favorite patisserie. I’ve been fortunate to live in two cities, one of which we recently moved to, with Ladurée salons and have visited many of their locations; each salon has a distinctive elegance and charm. Much like “sugar plum fairies dancing in the head”, Ladurée leaves me dreaming about their macarons, delighting in their exquisite packaging, and swooning over their luscious scented candles.

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