Type to Pillow

By Lauren Weems

Personalization and customization are all the rage these days; we just don’t want something that everyone else has.

Farmer’s Market Birthday Party

This amazing FARMER’S MARKET BIRTHDAY PARTY was done by Lyndsey Taylor of Lulu’s.

Pantone Art Paint Party

This colorful PANTONE ART THEMED FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY was done by Donna Angela Soliva of Jitter Bride.

007 Secret Agent Party

This fabulous 007 SECRET AGENT PARTY was done by Jasmine Shah of Idea! Event + Style.

This is such a fun party theme that would be ideal for a boy or a girl. There are so many creative ideas and activities that are just so cute.

Alice in Wonderland Wedding

This awesome ALICE IN WONDERLAND WEDDING was styled by Doreen Winking of Doreen Winking Weddings.

Colorful Rustic Backyard Wedding

As you know, I’m not ones to stray away from a wedding filled with vibrant colors and tons of Fun personality. In fact we love these the most! I wish I was sitting and each and every one of these. here we can share in all the colorful moments and fabulous details with you. I can see myself using a lot of these ideas in future parties as well, so unique and easy.

Amazing “Will you be My Bridesmaid” Idea

All of you know how I am all about celebrating every aspect of your wedding including asking your bridesmaids to be part of your special day. Why not make a day out of this too? Get dressed up, eat a few sweets and enjoy your bff’s. To inspire this day you will always remember, Pink and Honey , an amazing event planning company out  of

Stunning Bridal Hairstyles for 2014

as You all know, Hair is a passion of mine, I love unique and fun updos, whimsical and flirty natural hair styles and oh so glamourous ones as well. thinking on a new baby shower idea I am doing for my wonderful associate Heather I thought of her beautiful blondish hair and what to do with it and then decided I would look at hair styles that inspired me.

Rainbow Birthday Party

This wonderful RAINBOW THEMED FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY was done by Vanessa and  Sâmela of Scrap Fest in São Paulo - Brazil.

Little Daisies Birthday Party

This adorable LITTLE DAISIES BIRTHDAY PARTY is by the ever so talented Antonia Wilson of Marbella Printables.